LOL @ the May 21st ‘doomsday’ rapture theory.. I am turning 21 on July the 21st. On that day I will purposely play Adele’s “21” on heavy rotation! By then, the popular record will have reached the 21 million in sales. In honor of everything 21, I will ensure downing 21 shots of 21 different spirits in a matter of 21 minutes! Take that as a prediction ! ;) I have been inspired! Harold Camping, thank you.

Haley Reinhart - The REAL Winner of American Idol Season 10!

I was NOT impressed when Haley Reinhart got the boot on American Idol!!!! She was the TRUE winner in my eyes. The other two country teeny boppers lack the originality she possesses. However, third place might be the best thing that ever happened to her. This means she won’t be slaved by the shows signing record company and end up making a crappy album.

Reinhart has an Adele-esque thang going on! She could be HUGE with the right material and given promotion :-)

Haley’s jaw dropping performance of the classic “I Who Have Nothing” in Top 4 week -> :)

Haley Reinhart - MY star of American Idol Season 10 ! ^_^

My Eurovision 2011

The finishing order in the final had it been my way :-)


Kati Wolf - Representant for Hungary.

Winner -   Hungary - Kati Wolf - “What About My Dreams?” - 22nd Place.

My favorite this year. It had all the ingredients of a good Eurovision winner and easily ticked my boxes! Great voice, fantastic melody line, powerful message, fab performance and staging… Unfortunately if you havent got a power vote by the neighbouring countries and you perform 5th out of 25 countries, figuratively, the odds are stacked against you.

Song it reminds me of - I Will Love Again/Otro Amor Vendra by Lara Fabian & Release Me by Agnes.

Runner Up - Austria - Nadine Beiler - “The Secret Is Love” - 18th Place.

This was the Jade Ewen of 2011, the “It’s My Time” vocal breakdown performance!
She won me over with the title “Eurovision Voice Contest 2011 Winner” :-) Highly underrated in the contest. I thought the song was simply beautiful.

Song it reminds me of - Raindrops Will Fall by Tamyra Gray & It’s My Time by Jade Ewen.

3rd Place - Azerbaijan - Ell & Nikki - “Running Scared” - 1st Place.

I am glad one of my favorites went on to win. This song reminded me of something OneRepublic would do. It sounds Ryan Tedder produced! I loved the message of the song. I was a tad bit disappointed with the live performance but it worked well enough (heck it won xD).

Song it reminds me of - Apologize & Stop And Stare by OneRepublic.

4th Place - Estonia - Getter Jaani - “Rockefeller Street” - 24th Place.

This song was INCREDIBLY UNDERRATED! I thought It’d do really well. Very catchy and a great show was put on the stage. Once again, being one of the first acts to perform is always a downfall.

Song it reminds me of - More of a dance/pop version of - Randajad by Urban Symphony (Estonias representant from 2009).

5th Place -   Denmark - A Friend in London - “New Tomorrow” - 5th Place.

The representant was fit as… ! haha. Loved his dress sense and hair also xD The song was brill. Great lyrical content, good performer, good melody. It deserved its high ranking hehe :-)

Song it reminds me of - Something “The Script” would record.

6th Place - United Kingdom - Blue - “I Can” - 11th Place.

I really enjoyed the UK this year. Great song, nothing amazing but not at all bad. Its amazing how much older each and every every band member look now xD Funny how Ireland’s Jedward out performed them in the result, Im sure they aren’t pleased about that xD

Song it reminds me of- Blue in general? haha. Typical R&B/Pop (Backstreet Boys in 2011).

7th Place -   Romania - Hotel FM - “Change” - 17th Place.

I quite liked this. It had a very poppy feel, nice vocals and great message. Very Un-Romania also, not the typical song they would send to compete.

Song it reminds me of - Nothing in particular. Very happy-poppy-silly pop.

8th Place -   Slovenia - Maja Keuc - “No One” - 13th Place.

When she started singing I was quickly reminded by the breathy tones of Christina Aguilera. I was like wow. Then the song collapsed for me, I failed to find the melody line. One of my favorites this year though.     

Song it reminds me of - Christina Aguilera’s Hurt.

9th Place - Italy - Raphael Gualazzi - “Madness of Love” - 2nd Place.

Must say I didnt expect to see them rank as high as they did! I thought no one would get it. They sure returned to the contest in style! I found myself enjoying it after the second listen, It stuck in my mind. Guess it had that memorable factor.

Song it reminds me of - old school Jazz in general.

10th Place - France - Amaury Vassili - “Sognu/Dream” - 15th Place.

Great vocals! Certainly one of the best vocalists alongside the Austrian repesentant. The song wasn’t exactly strong enough to win I believe.

Song it reminds me of - Something by Josh Groban or Andrea Bocelli. Classical stuff.

THE REST (in smaller detail)… .

11th - Iceland - Sjonni’s Friends - “Coming Home” - 20th Place.

12th - Sweden - Eric Saade - “Popular” - 3rd Place.

13th - Spain - Lucía Pérez - “Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao” - 23rd Place.

14th - Germany - Lena - “Taken by a Stranger” - 10th Place.

15th - Finland - Paradise Oskar - “Da Da Dam” - 21st Place.

16th - Lithuania - Evelina Sašenko - “C’est ma vie/It’s My Life” - 19th Place.

17th - Ireland - Jedward - “Lipstick” - 8th Place.

18th - Georgia - Eldrine - “One More Day” - 9th Place.

19th/20th - Russia - Alexey Vorobyov - “Get You” - 16th Place.

19th/20th - Switzerland - Anna Rossinelli - “In Love For a While” - 25th Place.

21st/22nd - Greece - Loukas Giorkas feat. Stereo Mike - “Watch My Dance” - 7th Place.

21st/22nd - Ukraine - Mika Newton - “Angel” - 4th Place.

23rd/24th - Bosnia & Herzegovina - Dino Merlin - “Love in Rewind” - 6th Place.

23rd/24th - Serbia - Nina - “Caroban” - 14th Place.

25th (Last) - Moldova - Zdob şi Zdub - “So Lucky” - 12th Place.

_ _ _ _

Eurovision 2011

I see people on a daily basis jump into a relationship just for the sake of it. Personally I dont need a relationship to fullfil my happiness. A relationship is a choice, not a need. I know I can be perfectly happy on my own. I dont need a cushion for the insecurity, i face my insecurities the right way. If a potential ‘other half’ comes along it will be done so the genuine way. Let it come to you, dont give in to the wrong reasons. Also, I dont believe in ‘flings’ human emotions are incontrolable, time enriches them, and before you know it, you’re in too deep. Time taught me to be careful and to know myself first before jumping into the deep-end.
Keiron Lynch